Think lanyard, camp shows, and Wacky Water Day… Is there anything better than afternoon ice cream breaks and the taste of ice cold lemonade on a hot July day? Plus, who could ever forget Friday’s BBQ’s, camp sleepovers, the pride you felt when you learned to swim, and being hoarse from cheering for your team during Olympics?  All of this and more can be found in Monroe, NY.  Give your children the innocent summer of your youth, made even better, for today’s campers.

Excellence in Aquatics

All junior and senior campers in camp the full 8 weeks will learn to swim guaranteed. At Rosmarins Day Camp, we are very proud of our highly regarded aquatics program. Our comprehensive approach attracts some of the most talented aquatic professionals in the area.

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Excellence in Sports

We keep moving at Rosmarins. Our athletics activities are led by experienced coaches/specialists. Each athletics activity begins with the introduction of some formal skill or lesson, and the remainder of the period is used to put those skills into practice.

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Excellence in Outdoor Adventures

From archery training, hiking the Appalachian Trail, rock climbing and soaring on a zip-line, to growing fruits and vegetables in an edible food garden, campers love discovering, exploring, and learning all about the great outdoors.

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Excellence in Nutrition

We stress good health at Rosmarins. This is evident in our daily menu, full of fresh fruits, green veggies and nutrition-packed ingredients. We educate our campers on good food choices with the aim of good lives ahead. And you won’t find more tasty food anywhere else!

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Excellence in the Arts

We place a high standard on creative fun. We enjoy ceramics, jewelry making, crafts, and finger-painting as well as cooking, music, and dance.  We do it all!

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Camp News!

“This place is better than Disney world!”
Eric, Age 6, Florida NY
“I love this camp. These kids are doing things here that they wouldn’t be able to do with a babysitter. There’s something about this place.”
Deborah Zevner, Counselor
“Mommy, can I marry camp?”
Hannah, Age 6, Goshen, NY
“Campers learn how to communicate without depending on a hand-held device, a skill-set rarely found in the young generation.”
Annette Schaefer Koopman
“The counselors keep my boys engaged in healthy experiences all day.”
Emily Delaris
“Rosmarins provides transportation, lunch, snacks, and towels…and has an amazing staff. We plan to send our son for many years to come.”
Layla Rose Boyles
“You can be sure you will have my kids forever.”
Pamela Levine

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