When you think back to your summers spent at Rosmarins Day Camp what do you remember? Close your eyes.  What comes to mind first? Is it spending warm summer days in heated swimming pools and the lake? Is it playing ball with “camp friends” who became lifelong friends? Are you remembering Arts & Crafts? Camp cheers? Olympics? Try to picture your favorite camp counselors, we bet you would see their faces clear as can be.

With so many wonderful experiences, when you think of Rosmarins, you can’t help but smile. This is camp—that joyful, youthful, innocent experience like no other that creates memories and friendships for a lifetime. It is a rite of passage, a wonderful, proud tradition that has been celebrated here at Rosmarins since 1949.

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Spent many wonderful Summer’s at Rosmarins and in those years Wishing Well Day Camp……in the 50’s into the 60’s …. The BEST Summers
Terry Cooper Spevak, Former Camper
“To this day some of my favorite friends are my camp friends.”
Randy, Former Camper
The teen program was and is so wonderful! I remember seeing “Hair” when I actually had some.
Brent Rosenbaum, Former Camper