We hope this Parent Guide will be helpful to you as you prepare for the summer season. We have addressed the most frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions we missed or would like a more in depth answer please email one of our directors or feel free to call the office.

Please label all belongings coming to Rosmarins – i.e., all clothing, sports equipment, – with your child’s name clearly printed in indelible ink. Counselors will help campers to be responsible with their belongings, but their first responsibility is to the campers. Should articles be misplaced, every effort will be made to retrieve them. Please remind your child(ren) to be responsible for their own belongings. Responsibility is an integral part of a child’s learning experience. Please do not send campers with any expensive or keepsake items.
Your child(ren) will get to spend their day tech free, running around, enjoying low tech physical activities throughout the camp day.
There is no uniform dress code. Children should wear shorts, tee shirts, socks and sneakers, and a sweatshirt or light jacket on cool days. Sandals are only to be worn to and from the pool (for safety). Comfortable clothing that can get dirty is recommended. Expensive designer clothing is not.
2 bathing suits and sunscreen (A hat is optional but suggested for additional protection from the sun.)
Softball gloves, tennis rackets, swim goggles, etc. should not be left at camp overnight.
Each camper will be provided a cubby to store pool footwear, sunscreen, a pair of long pants (for hiking), and in the anticipation of cool or inclement weather a sweatshirt, a raincoat and an additional pair of sneakers and socks and if desired a smock for arts and crafts. These items may remain in the cubbies in a large LABELED ziplock bag. And please BE SURE ALL CLOTHING IS CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD’S FULL NAME. You can either use a name tag or you may write the child’s name right onto the garment or belonging.
All campers are transported on a cool bus by New York State credentialed drivers who have been thoroughly trained in safe driving procedures. A few days before the beginning of the camp season there is a test run after which we will contact you regarding the estimated time your child will be picked-up and returned. If you have not been contacted at least 48 hours prior to the opening of camp, please call the camp office at 845-783-7222.
  • The bus driver has the authority to enforce all rules and regulations on the bus.
  • Campers should wait 6’ from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop and the door is opened.
  • Campers who cross the road to board a bus should look to the driver who will indicate when it is safe for children to cross the road. Children must cross the road at least 10’’in front of the bus to make them visible to the driver.
  • Upon entering the vehicle, campers should proceed to their seats without hesitation. All buses are equipped with seat belts which are available for children.
  • All passengers, campers, and staff members shall remain seated while the bus or van is in motion.
  • Campers shall always sit facing forward.
  • There shall be no unnecessary loudness, confusion, or distraction which might interfere with the effectiveness of the driver.
  • Children should keep heads, arms, and hands inside the bus at all times.
  • Eating or drinking is not permitted in camp vehicles.
  • The camp director may suspend a camper from riding the bus if their conduct interferes with bus safety or violates rules and regulations.
  • Supervision to the bus stop, at the bus stop, and home from the bus stop is a parental responsibility.
Please call the camp office 845-783-7222 between 7:15 – 8:00 A.M. if child(ren) will not be coming to camp on a particular day so we are able to notify the bus driver. If you are unable to make contact with us, please wave the bus on when it stops at your house. We will assume your child(ren) are to be picked up the following camp day, unless we hear from you to the contrary.
Please send in a note with your child or if plans change after your child leaves for camp, call the camp office at 845-783-7222 as early as possible so we have time to accommodate your needs. No child will be permitted to leave the camp or change transportation status without prior permission from the parent(s). When you come to pick up your child, please check in at the camp office located in the rec hall (the big red building) on the main camp side of school road to sign out your child(ren).
Please meet your child(ren) at the camp Health Center located across the road from the main camp in the Camp Office. The Camp Office is the white house located opposite the gated pre-school facility.
To ensure maximum camper safety, during the hours of 9:00 – 9:30 A.M. and 4:00 – 4:30 P.M. we ask that you refrain from parking in our bus area on the main side of camp. Please use the “visitor parking” on the opposite side of School Road. If you are picking up your child, please do so before 4:00 P.M or after round-up. It is against the law to pass a stopped bus whose red warning lights are flashing; please observe safety procedures and to ensure the safety of all campers and staff we ask that you wait until the buses have left the campgrounds, before leaving in your own car.
In the event of a rainy day, camp will be open as usual. Rosmarins Day Camp is open rain or shine, and even though we say, “It never rains at Rosmarins!” we’re always ready just in case it does! We may take some groups off the camp’s grounds (movies, bowling etc.). Since these decisions are made that morning parents will not be notified of such trips.
Campers are grouped according to age and grade. Since camp is not school, coordination and size may be an additional consideration. Our program director will meet with individual campers who feel they have been inappropriately grouped. Every effort will be made to place children with their friends.
Instructional Swim is a mandatory camp activity. In the event your child(ren) are ill and cannot participate in swimming activities, please send a note explaining the nature of the illness. All campers, including those unable to go in the water, will benefit from instruction in water safety. Non-swimmers must accompany their group to the pool area during instructional swim periods. During recreational swim periods, non-swimmers will be supervised in an adjacent shaded area.
A hot lunch is provided daily. If you/your child has any special dietary needs please notify the camp food director so we can make proper arrangements. Milk, juice, and bottled water are served at lunchtime. Juice, light snacks, and ice cream is provided for snack daily.
Our all-inclusive fee covers all admission and/or entrance fees. For certain trips, spending money may be appropriate; we will make every effort to notify you prior to these trips. Please send a bathing suit to camp with your child(ren) even on days when they will be going off grounds as they often return prior to recreational swim period. If a trip is canceled, campers will follow their regular camp schedule.
The excellent ratio of counselors to campers enables us to provide superior supervision for all children under our care. In the unlikely event that a child needs to see the camp nurse due to illness or injury the parents/guardians will be promptly notified by phone.
Plans change. Your plans and ours. Unavoidable conditions including inclement weather may require us to change a special event for an alternate date. Should this be necessary, we cannot ensure your children’s participation in a particular special event if they are not enrolled for the entire camp season. Only campers who are enrolled the week a particular special event takes place may participate (i.e., Overnights, Camp Carnival, Olympics, Camp Shows, Banquet and Awards Day). Please Note: Campers who are not registered during the week of camp pictures are welcome to join us for individual and group photos and are expected to return home afterwards. Parents are expected to transport and supervise their own children. We make every effort to make changes to the weeks your children attend, to accommodate changes to your schedule, if group size and/or transportation permits.
Children should bring their regular camp bags, including bathing suits, on the day of their group’s overnight . Dinner and dessert is provided. Please arrange to pick up your child(ren) the morning following their overnight no later than 8:00 A.M. If your child(ren) will be going home with another parent, written notification is required.

The following equipment is recommended for this experience:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Ground Cloth
  • Knapsack
  • Flashlight

Optional but encouraged:

  • Non aerosol bug spray
  • Clothing: 2 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of socks, sweatpants, sweatshirt, additional shirt.
  • Toiletries
In the event a camper is unable to attend camp for more than five (5) consecutive camp days for medical reasons, a refund of the camp fee will be made on the pro rata basis starting with the 6th consecutive camp day.
Parents may visit camp any time to observe your child engaged in typical camp activities, but we appreciate prior notification. If you are particularly interested in viewing a special activity, we can assist you in arranging your camp visit accordingly. Please park only in the designated camp parking area and proceed to the camp office, located in the cassino (the big red building on the main side of camp), where you will receive assistance in finding your child’s group. If you decide to take your child with you at the conclusion of your visit, please inform the counselor and sign out your child from the camp office in the cassino (the big red building on the main side of camp).
Please do not distract the counselor(s) from their job when they are on duty. If you wish, a conference can be arranged by emailing the program director or by calling the camp office at 845-783-7222.
Gratuities to individual staff members, are customary but not mandatory. If you wish, such appreciation can be extended on an individual and voluntary basis. Camp directors will be pleased to answer any questions concerning gratuities and other expressions of appreciation.