Not a day goes by where something special isn’t happening at Rosmarins. Camp themes each week, mini-theme days every day, major special events every week, and more keep our campers and counselors on their toes.

Every day is an adventure filled with great camp spirit, and we’re committed to making each special day different and better than the last. Past favorites have included: Viva Las Vegas Day, Country Western Day, Carnival Day, and more.


“Thank you for sharing this Orange County treasure with us. The camp is a paradise for both kids and adults.”

Says Gabriel, Parent of Camper


Rosmarins Camp Olympics

A tradition of having fun like never before

Camp Olympics is a time honored Rosmarins Day Camp tradition. Each year, for three days, the camp is divided for good-hearted competition in the name of teamwork and camp spirit. For these three days campers and counselors alike take their camp spirit to new heights, challenging each other, building confidence through specially designed competitions, and having fun like never before.

Each year, keeping in-line with the Rosmarins Day Camp philosophy, we maintain those traditions which have guided generations of Rosmarins Day Camp campers and counselors through countless past Olympic Games while working hard to always keep the games new, fresh, and exciting, concluding with an all camp relay.

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